The Hebridean Scots of the Province of Quebec

Books published by T.A. McKay [Thomas Andrew McKay, 1938-2016]

  Oscar & Finlay: 
Bards of Scottish Lingwick

Compiled and edited by T.A. McKay, Grand-nephew to Oscar Dhu
Over 400 pages, with poetry, biographies of the poets, maps, photos, and index of names

$45.00 ($63 Canadian), price lowered in Sept. 2005

Blurb from the sales flyer:

"Oscar Dhu, that is Angus B. MacKay (1864-1923), and his friend Finlay McRitchie (1841-1923) were the two best-known poets of the Scottish community of Lingwick in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. they celebrated the lives, the events, the marriages, the deaths, and the politics of their fellow Scotsmen in their Compton County communities. These two bards also elevated the local pranks by treating them with humor and by celebrating them in rhyme. They lifted up the farming folk by giving them stature in their verses. Our Scottish past and our Scottish culture is a treasure worth passing on to our children and grandchildren. Oscar left Lingwick in late 1898 and spent the following years in Seattle. And this book is meant as a memorial to the Lingwick sojourn of our Scots ancestors.


- 20 poems of Oscar Dhu -- as yet unprinted in book form
- 7 Poems of Finlay McRitchie, including one in Gaelic with translation
- Photos of Oscar and of Finlay -- Numerous other photos and prints
- Map of the Compton County Scots country
- Identification of numerous early Scots who are mentioned
- Countless footnotes and annotations, and map.
- Index of names
- Chapters on the life and writings of Oscar Dhu, drawing on much of his prose
- Chapter on Finlay MacRitchie
- Some poetry of early kin to Oscar Dhu.
- Reflections on the role of poetry in the community
- Poetry & chapter on the community of later Lingwick."

Privately published by the author: Limited copies printed.

Donald Morrison, the Canadian Outlaw: a Tale of Scottish Pioneers, by Oscar Dhu (Angus B. MacKay), The Enhanced Centennial Edition, a reprint of the above, edited by T.A. McKay, 1993, 137 pp. (Original publication in Sherbrooke, 1892), 135 p.
Privately published.

The Register of McKays, Descendants of Norman McKay from Mealista on the Isle of Lewis, compiled by T.A. McKay, 1993, 193 pp.
Privately published.

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