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Unlike other provinces of Canada, the government of Quebec did not maintain any civil registration of births, marriages, and deaths. This task was left to the churches. Thus much of your genealogical research on the Hebridean Scots of Quebec will focus on the registers kept by the churches your ancestors attended. In most cases these will be Presb. churches, but it would be foolhearty not to check registers for other churches in the area until you find all of the people you are tracing. The following church registers are only the most likely ones to consult.

The items mentioned below are microfilm copies of the actual church registers themselves, but very few of them have indexes of their own. Fortunately, there are is a set of index books mentioned elsewhere on this website, but you will be greatly rewarded if you examine the original register yourself because there are many other names and events mentioned in them than are found in the indexes.

If you know where your ancestors lived and what their religion was, then consult the church register for that church. Otherwise, you could start with the index and that might tell you which church register to look at. Unfortunately, the index books do not index all of the church registers mentioned below so you should still examine the microfilm copy of the register itself even if you don't find the name(s) in the index books.

Local Non-Catholic Church Registers
Locality Church Rec.
Gould/Lingwick Protestant N-B 1838-1879     3455-C,D      
Gould/Lingwick Protestant D 1838-1879 617   3455-E,F F3500    
Gould/Lingwick Protestant M ..-1879 430 1165 3455-A,B F3500.1    
Gould/Lingwick Presb.,
BMD 1884-1891         US/CAN Film
2027146 Item 4
Gould/Lingwick Free Church BMD 1849-1853 M.F. M.F.     US/CAN Film
1430777 Item 5
M 125/12
Gould/Lingwick United Church
BMD 1928-1946 M.F. M.F.       M 125/12
Gould/Lingwick Anglican, 1838-1909 BMD 1838-1850, 1852-1874, 1876 M.F. M.F.     US/CAN Film
1430767 Item 8
M 125/1
Sawyerville Presb., 1888-1917   1888-1899         US/CAN Film
2027146 Item 5
Sawyerville United Church, 1939-1977                
Scotstown Adventist, 1892-1923 BMB 1892-99         US/CAN Film
2027434 Item 1
Scotstown Anglican, St. Alban BMB 1888-89         US/CAN Film
2027434 Item 3
Scotstown St. Paul Presb. BMD 1881-1882, 1889, 1899         US/CAN Film
2027434 Item 7
Scotstown St. Paul
BMD 1925-1983 M.F. M.F.       M 125/12
Scotstown St. Paul
M 1888-1950 406 0031   F2500    
Scotstown St. Paul
M 1951-1970   0637 3451-A F2500    
Scotstown St. Paul
M 1971-1988   1399 3451-B F2500M    
Scotstown United Church, 1929-                
Lac-Mégantic (Agnès) Ch. of Eng. BMB 1898-1899         US/CAN Film
2027434 Item 2
Lac-Mégantic Mégantic M ..-1946 CS89.18 0391 1577 L2300.1    
Lac-Mégantic Methodist (Agnès), 1894-1909 BMB 1894-1898         US/CAN Film
2027434 Item 4
Lac-Mégantic Presb., Knox, 1900-1925                
Lac-Mégantic Presb., St. Andrew, 1927- BMD 1927-1979   M.F.       M 125/12
Lac-Mégantic United Church, 1925-1963                
Marsboro Presb., 1891-1922   1891-1894         US/CAN Film
2027434 Item 5
Marsboro Presb., Knox, 1882- BMD 1882-1949   M.F.       M 125/12
Milan Presb., Bethany, 1881- BMD 1899-1980 M.F. M.F.     US/CAN Film
2027434 Item 6
M 125/12
Sherbrooke Presb., St. Andrew's   1865-79         US/CAN Film
1430778 Item 3
M 125/12
Sherbrooke Presb., St. Andrew's   1880-1897         US/CAN Film
2027142 Item 3
M 125/12
Sherbrooke Presb., St. Andrew's   1898-1899         US/CAN Film
2027143 Item 1
M 125/12
Springhill Anglican, St. Saviour                
Presb., St. John, 1864- BMD 1864-1920 M.F. M.F.       M 125/12
Presb., St. John, 1864- BMB 1883-1899         US/CAN Film
2027434 Item 8
M 125/12
St. Francis
(6 counties)
Anglican   1853, 1856-62

ANQ = Archives nationales du Québec
BMG = 
BNQ = Bibliothèque nationale du Québec
SQCF = Société de généalogie des Cantons de l'Est
FHL = Family History Library (LDS)
ETRC = Eastern Townships Research Center (Bishop's University)

Most information gathered from Guide to Quebec's Parish Registers = Guide des registres d'état civil du Québec, 1621-1993 : catholiques protestants et autres
dénominations : index, toponymes usuels et localités actuelles, annotations des r‚pertoires disponibles aux 4 lieux de généalogie …
(Montréal, 1992), CS88 Q4 F672 1992

Index of Montreal non-Catholic Church Registers

Locality Church Rec. Type Years avail. FFSQ FHL
Montreal non-Cath. B 1766-1899 M155/200 1684034
Montreal non-Cath. M 1760-1874 M155/200 1684034
Montreal non-Cath. M 1985-1999 M155/201 1684035
Montreal non-Cath. D 1768-1899 M155/201 1684035

B = births    M = marriages    D = deaths
For an excellent treatment of these Montreal indexes see the MontrealGenWeb by Patty Brown.