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Canadian Naturalization 1915-1932 (LAC)
Canadian Headstone Photo Project
Immigrants to Canada (LAC)
Hebrides.ca (About Lewis Scots, by Leodhas Macleod)
Eastern Townships Archives (Pam Wood Waugh)
Cemeteries of the Eastern Townships (L.Nutbrown)
Census of Canada, 1891 (LAC)
Les Ècossais: The Pioneer Scots of Lower Canada, 1763-1855,
by L.Campey (2006 book)
Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network
19th C. Sherbrook, PQ BMD vitals of Newspapers
Archives of the Notaries of Quebec (in French)
Our Roots / Nos Racines (online books)
Online research tools (BANQ)
Quebec City Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 (LAC)
My Genealogy Database (updated September 15, 2008)
Compton County Cemeteries
Frontenac County Cemeteries
WWII Service Files (Library & Archives Canada)
Voici ma famille / That's My Family (Library & Archives Canada)
Elmwood Cemetery, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Tracing your ancestors in Canada (Library & Archives Canada)
Searchable Online Data Quebec, Canada (Global Genealogy)
Annuaires Lovell de Montréal (Montreal City Directories, 1842-1950)
Montreal Genweb - Anglo Roots in Montreal
1911 Census of Canada (indexed)
1901 Census of Canada (indexed)
Index to the 1901 Census of Canada
1881 Census of Canada (indexed)
1851 Census of Canada (not indexed as of May 2006)
Sherbrooke Gazette - marriages 1832-1896
Your Folks - Quebec Marriage Index ($)
Breasclete Community Association Website
Islands of Inspiration (Photos of the Hebridean Isles)
History of Compton County, by L.S. Channell, 1896
Roots Hebrides - Hebridean Roots Research
Co Leis Thu? - Western Isles Genealogy Research Centre
Bill Lawson Publications - New Website
North Tolsta Historical Society (Isle of Lewis)
Ness Historical Society (northwestern Isle of Lewis district)
Uig 2000 (new book on the Uig district of the Isle of Lewis, 12/2001)
FreeCEN (UK Census records)
1841 Census of Ross and Cromarty (by Terry Sheppard)
Essential books on the Hebridean Scots of Quebec (prices lowered Sept. 2005)
Hebridean folk singing - Alex Dell MacDonald (added June 27, 2003)
Quebec photos added Oct, 9, 2000

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