Census Records

Finding Census Records

If the census is not available online yet or if you do not have access to the Internet, you can borrow the microfilm version from the various governmental archival facilities throughout Quebec. They can also be borrowed through you local public library from the National Archives of Canada throught their interlibrary loan service or from your local LDS Family History Center.

"NAC" = National Archives of Canada
"FHL" = Family History Library (LDS)

Census Year  

Free Online Access: Census of 1851 (Library & Archives Canada) - individuals not yet indexed as of December 2008, but you can search by district.

Microfilm access: NAC C1143-1144; FHL US/CAN Census Area 517296  
Contents: Sherbrooke County (townships of Hereford - Clifton - Auckland - Compton - Orford) - Sherbrooke Town (Ascot Twp Part) Eaton - Newport - Bury - Lingiwick - Weedon - Melbourne - Brompton Gore - Brompton - Shipton - Windsor - Dudswell - Westbury - Garthby - Winslow - Stratford


Free Online Access: none known of (12/2008)

Microfilm access: NAC C-1276-1277;  FHL US/CAN Census Area 517372  
Contents: Compton County


Free Online Access: none known of (12/2008)

Microfilm access: NAC C-10090;  FHL US/CAN Census Area 493469 Items 13-16
Contents: Sherbrooke County
NAC C-10091; : FHL US/CAN Census Area 493470
Contents: Compton County.


Free Online Access: 1881 Canadian Census (Family Search, LDS) - individuals are indexed.

Microfilm access: NAC C-13198; FHL US/CAN Census Area 1375834
Contents: COMPTON COUNTY (no. 54, a-p): Ditton - Chesham - Emberton - Marston, South - Marston, North - Winslow, South - Winslow, North - Hampden - Lingwick - Bury - Whitton - Hereford, West - Hereford, East - Compton - Waterville, Eaton.


Free Online Access: none known of (12/2008)

Microfilm access: NAC T-6392; FHL US/CAN Census Area 1465817
Contents: Chicoutimi & Saguenay District (no. 148, z, aa-mm) Compton District (no. 149, a-r) Deux Montagnes District (no. 150, a).


Free Online Access 1901 Census of Canada Indexing Project (Automated Genealogy) - every name index

Microfilm access: NAC T-6519 FHL US/CAN Census Area 1843601
Contents: Chicoutimi & Saguenay District (no. 149, t(1) & e(2)2, e(2), u(1)-z(1), a(2)-d(2), f(2)-h(2)) Compton District (no. 150, a-w) Deux-Montagnes District (no. 151, a-f2).

1911 Free Online Access 1911 Census of Canada Indexing Project (Automated Genealogy) - every name index

Guides to Canadian Census Records

Catalogue of census returns on microfilm, 1666-1891 = Catalogue de recensements sur microfilm, 1966-1891 (Ottawa, Ont., Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986), ISBN 0660537117, 289 p.

Catalogue of census returns on microfilm, 1901 = Catalogue de recensements sur microfilm, 1901 (Ottawa, Ont., National Archives of Canada, 1993), ISBN 0660574101, 196 p.

Using the Canadian Cenuses

When conducting research by census, one must be prepared to search all possible spellings of the surname, be ready to read difficult handwriting, come across ages which may not exactly match those already on the search file and, in general, spend the time necessary to thoroughly research the census return in front of you. It is my custom to research the complete census return line by line, for, as has happened in the past, there have been surprises found within the return which may not have been anticipated when the research began.

The National Archives suggests that before beginning census research that the researchers must know the approximate locality in which the subject lived, for small towns were enumerated within townships, and larger towns and cities were listed separately. Even when searching an online index it is often important to know where the person lived at the time in order to sort through all the individuals with the same name.