Scots of the Upper St. Francis District

Genealogies, Family Studies, and Biographies


A register of emigrant families from the Western Isles of Scotland to the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada, by Bill Lawson (Eaton Corner, Que.: Compton County Historical Museum Society, 1988), 120 p.
Subjects: Scots -- Québec (Province) -- Eastern Townships/Scotland -- Emigration and immigration/Eastern Townships (Québec) -- Emigration and immigration -- Registers/Eastern Townships (Québec) -- History
Locations: Bishop's, I have a copy

The Family tree: and some early reminiscences of early days in Winslow and Whitton, Que., ed. by Rev. M.N. MacDonald (Avonmore, Ont.: n.p., n.d.), 20 p. (repr. Sherbrooke, Page-Sangster, 1973) [1975, OCLC 31653585]
Subjects: ?
Description: This author grew up in the Hebridean Scottish community he writes about, but moved to Edmonton where he became a minister. This booklet contains a brief history of the Scottish community and a genealogy of several generations of his family.
Locations: NLC, Bishop's, I have a copy

History : the families of Sherman-MacIver, with stories of people and places in the eastern townships, by Annie Isabel Sherman ([Montréal: A.I. Sherman]: Sherbrooke, Page-Sangster], 1971), 74 p., [OCLC 6198908]
Subjects: Sherman family/MacIver family.
Description: Genealogy of these families, the MacIvers emigrated from the village of Barvas on Lewis to Red Mountain, Quebec in 1841, with information on Lingwick, Scotstown, and the Eastern Townships in general.
Includes autobiography of John Muir, and history of Scottstown and Gould, Quebec.
Includes history of Chalmers Presbyterian Church in Gould, Quebec.  The Sherman family immigrated from Suffolk Co., England to Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1836. 
Locations: NLC, LC, NYPG, Bishop's, I have a copy

Macaulay, Beaton, MacIver, MacDonald, MacKinnon : Isle of Lewis to Quebec, by Clayton C. Purdy (Baton Rouge, LA : Oracle Press, 1986), 219 p. : Includes index and Bibliography. ISBN 0881270423 (pbk.). [OCLC 14378032]
Subjects: McCauley family/Beaton family/McIver family/Quebec (Province)--Genealogy/Canada--Genealogy.
Locations: LC call no. CS90.M3544 1986), LC, NEHGS, LEB(LA), LSH(LA)

The McLeays, MacLeays, and Macleays of North America, by Francis Roderick MacLeay, Jr. (b. 1918) (Deltona, FL : F.R. MacLeay Jr., c1986), 204 p.
Includes Findlay, Glendenning, Hill, King, McDonald, McLean and related families.
Donald McLeay (1811-1905) married Annie Morrison in 1842, and immigrated during or before 1851 from Scotland to Bury, Quebec, later moving to Gould, Quebec. Descendants (also spelling the surname MacLeay and Macleay) and relatives lived in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and else- where. Many descendants immigrated to New England, and their progeny lived in New England, New York, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, California and elsewhere.
Locations: FHL 929.271 M224m JSMB FAMHIST Book

The Milan story, by Duncan L. Mcleod ([Scotstown, Que.]., the author, 1977), 109 p. (other title: History of Milan, Compton, Quebec, 1877-1977 (Scotstown, Duncan McLeod, n.d.), 108 p.; first title: The Scotish Pioneers in Marsden). Transl: Histoire Milan., trad. by Maurice Gabriel Bouchard (Milan, s.n., 1978), 128 p. [OCLC 12749692]
Subjects: Histoire. Milan (Quebec)--Biographies/Milan (Quebec)--History/Milan (Quebec)--Biography.
Locations: NLC, LC, Bishop's, NYP, YUS(CT), WIH(WI), I have a copy

The register of McKays : descendants of Norman McKay from Mealista on the Isle of Lewis, compiled by T.A. McKay (Arlington, VA: T.A. McKay; Stanwood, Wash.: Caroline Hall, 1993), 193 p., includes the 1997 addenda to the Register of the McKays. 8 leaves, bound at back of book.  [OCLC 34698967]
Norman McKay was born in the 1770s at Mealista, Parish of Uig, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, probably the son of John Macaoidh. He married Christiana Kirsty Buchanan (1781-between 1852 and 1861) ca. 1804. They had six children, ca. 1805-1823, born at Mealista. The family immigrated to Canada in 1838 and settled at Lingwick, Quebec. He died at Lingwick between 1842 and 1851. Descendants lived in Quebec, Ontario, Vermont, Nova Scotia, Maine, Illinois, California and elsewhere.
Includes the Buchanan, Conlon, Cowan, MacAskill, McLeod, Stokes and other related families.
Subjects: ?
Locations: NLC, LC, Bishop's, I have a copy (avail. from the author)

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"Emigrants to Ontario and Quebec from the Western Isles," by Bill Lawson, The Yankees are Coming, Proceedings of the Ontario Genealogical Society Seminar '84 (Seminar annual [papers]), ed. by Trudy Man and Jan Speers, (Toronto: Ontario Genealogical Society), pp. 125-34. [1984 vol., OCLC 11245830]
Locations: LC Call no. CS80.053, many locations

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Men of today in the Eastern Township, introductory chapters by V.E. Morrill, biographical section compiled by Erastus G. Pierce (Sherbrooke, Que.: Sherbrooke Record, 1918), 297 p.
Subjects: Eastern Townships (Québec) -- History/Eastern Townships (Québec) -- Biography
Locations: LC-?; NLC-?; Harvard, Bishop's, I have a copy

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Protestant cemeteries in Compton County, compiled by Waymer S. Laberee and Duncan McLeod for the Compton County Historical and Museum Society (1978), typed ms., 12 p.
Locations: unknown

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