Regional Sources

Vital Records

Sherbrooke District

Sherbrooke Daily Record, volume 1: Vital statistics for the period February 8, 1897 to December 31, 1901, compiled by Elane Wilson, edited by Terry Skeats (North Hatley Historical Society), 1998, 334 p.

Sherbrooke Daily Record, volume 2: Vital statistics for the period January 1, 1902 to Decembert 31, 1906, compiled by Elane Wilson, edited by Terry Skeats (North Hatley Historical Society), 1999, 617 p.

Compton County

Répertoire de mariages (catholiques) du comté de Compton, Province de Québec - (dans les Cantons de l'Est), 20 paroisses, du début des paroisses à 1992 inclusivement (Sherbrooke, Quebec : La Société des Cantons de l'Est. Comte de Compton, 1998), ISBN 2920199412
Published in French but easy to use. This is the Roman Catholic marriages of Compton County, all 20 parishes, providing more than 22,600 Roman Catholic marriages, indexed by men and women. Some Scots can be found here if they married someone in a Catholic ceremony.
Subjects: Marriage records -- Québec (Province) -- Compton County/ Compton County (Québec) -- Genealogy 
Locations: NLC, LC-?, NEHGS-?

Megantic County

The Anglo-Protestants of Megantic County, repertory of births, marraiges and burials -- Les Anglo-Protestants du Comté de Mégantic, Répertoire des naissances, mariages, annotations marginales et sépultures, 1826-1991, compiled by Robert Boutin ... [et al.]; under the supervision of Paul Vachon (Thetford Mines, Quebec, Société généalogie de la région de l'Amiante, 1992), (Publication number 5), ca. 700 p., ISBN 2921320029
Subjects: Registers of births, etc. -- Québec (Province) -- Mégantic (County)/Marriage records -- Québec (Province) -- Megantic County/Canadians, English speaking -- Québec (Province) -- Mégantic(County) -- Genealogy Mégantic (Québec : County) -- Genealogy
Locations: NLC, Bishop's, IMF(IN), OCP(OH), WIH(WI)

Richmond County

Protestant church records in Richmond and Drummond counties: births, marriages, deaths (Sherbrooke, Quebec: La Société des Cantons de l'Est. Comté de Compton, 1999), ca. 350 p., ISBN 2920199447.
Registers of births, etc. -- Québec (Province) -- Richmond County
Richmond County (Québec) -- Genealogy
Pages not numbered but there are more than 350 pages giving births, marriages, and burials for 1824-1925. This was originally made by Mr. George Skilling. Protestant churches concerned are Advent, Presbyterian, Congregational, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist. Areas concerned are Danville, Windsor Mills, Richmond, Melbourn, Durham, Drummondville, Kingsey, Tinwick, and Warwick.

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