History and Culture
of the Hebridean Scots of Quebec


By trench and trail in song and story, by Angus MacKay (Oscar Dhu), (Seattle and Vancouver : MacKay Printing and Publishing, 1918), 144 p. [OCLC 11491844, film OCLC 29783856]
Subjects: ?
Locations: several locations; I have a copy

Crofters and habitants: settler society, economy, and culture in a Quebec township 1848-1881, by J. I. Little (Montréal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1991), 368 p., ISBN 0773508074
Subjects: Winslow (Township) (Québec) -- History/Winslow (Township) (Québec) -- Social conditions
Description: On Winslow township mostly, lots on Compton County. [OCLC 28063492]
Locations: LC, Harvard, Bishop's, & elsewhere

Cultural retention & demographic change : studies of the Hebridean Scots in the eastern townships of Quebec, ed. by (Catherine Mary) Laurel Doucette, editor (Ottawa : National Museums of Canada, 1980), 170 p., maps (Mercury series. Paper - Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies ; no.34, ISSN 0316-1897), Abstract in French. Bibliography: p. 157-164. [OCLC 6753434]
Subjects: Scots -- Québec (Province) -- Eastern Townships/Eastern Townships (Québec) -- Emigration and immigration
Locations: LC, Harvard, Bishop's, & elsewhere

Les Écossais: The Pioneer Scots of Lower Canada (Quebec), 1763-1855, by Lucille H. Campey (Natural Heritage Books, 2006), 332 p., 58 illustrations, 12 maps [ISBN 189704514X]

Ethno-cultural transition and regional identity in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, by J. I. Little (Ottawa, Ont. : Canadian Historical Association, 1989), ISBN 088798116X, 31 p. : maps (Canada's ethnic groups ; booklet no. 13) Includes bibliographical references (p. 29-31) ISBN 088798116X [OCLC 21095028]
Subjects: Acculturation--Quebec (Province)--Eastern Townships/Eastern Townships (Quebec)--History/Eastern Townships (Quebec)--Ethnic relations/Ethnicity -- Québec (Province) -- Eastern Townships/Eastern Townships (Québec) -- Social conditions 
Locations: Harvard, Bishop's, & elsewhere

Hier, le canton de Lingwick = Yesterday, the Township of Lingwick (1855-1980), by Daniel Bolduc et al. (s.l., s.n., 1980), 84 p., "À l'occasion du 125e anniversaire - 1855-1980 - 125th anniversary." 
Subjects: Lingwick Township (Québec)
Locations: LC-?; NLC-?; Bishop's; OC-?; RLIN-?

Nationalism, capitalism, and colonization in nineteenth-century Quebec : the upper St. Francis District, by J. I. Little (Kingston : McGill-Queen's University Press, 1989), 306 p. [OCLC 23047025]
Subjects: Land settlement -- Québec (Province) -- Wolfe (Census division) -- History -- 19th century/Land settlement -- Quebec (Province) -- Saint-Francois River/Region (Yamaska) -- History -- 19th century/Wolfe (Quebec : Census division) -- History/Saint-François River Region (Yamaska, Quebec) -- History/Eastern Townships (Québec) -- Colonization
Descriptions: Reviewed in Ethnic and racial studies v.13 (Apr. 1990), 299-300 
Locations: LC, Harvard, Bishop's, & elsewhere

Oatmeal and the Catechism: Scottish Gaelic Settlers in Quebec, by Margaret Bennett (McGill-Queen's Studies in Ethnic History, 2.3) (cloth, 1998, ISBN 077351810X, paper, 2004, ISBN 0773527753)

Oscar & Finlay : bards of Scottish Lingwick, compiled and edited by T.A. McKay (Arlington, VA : T.A. McKay, 2000), 402 p.

Paroisse Saint-Paul de Scotstown : historique, 1891-1991, par Gilles Baril (La Patrie, Que.: G. Baril, 1991), 110 p. [OCLC 25367636]
Subjects: ?
Locations: NLC, I have a copy

La poussee gaélique écossaise dans les Cantons de L'Est, par Mgr. Albert Gravel (Pages d'historie regionale, cahier no. 23.) (Sherbrooke: s.n., 1967), 22 leaves. 
Subjects: Scots -- Québec (Province) -- Eastern Townships 
Locations: Bishop's; Harvard

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"The bard in a community in transition and decline: Oscar Dhu and the Hebridean Scots of the Upper St. Francis district of Quebec," by J.I. Little, Canadian papers in rural history (1995): 45-80.
Locations: ? 

"Ethnic succession in the Eastern Townships of Quebec," by J. I. Prattis. Anthropologica 22:2 (1980), 215-235. (Gaelic speaking settlements in Compton County, 1829-1976). 
Locations: ? 

"Folkways and religion of the Quebec Hebridean homes," by Margaret Bennett-Knight, in Cultural retention and demographic change, ed. by Laurel Doucette (Ottawa : National Museums of Canada, 1980), pp. 45-144. [OCLC 6753434]
Locations: Harvard, Bishop's, & elsewhere

"From the Isle of Lewis to the Eastern Townships : the origins of a highland settlement community in Quebec, 1838-1881," by J.I. Little, in The immigrant experience, proceedings of a conference held at the University of Guelph, 8-11 June 1989, ed. by Catherine Kerrigan (University of Guelph, 1992), pp. 31-56. [OCLC 25368763]
Locations: NLC, Harvard, & elsewhere

"Gaelic Scots...", by Bill Lawson, Western Ontario historical notes (London, Ont., University of Western Ontario Library) 10, 2 (Juin 1952??): 40-43. 
Locations: NLC, NYP, Harvard (lacks this issue), AQM(MA), SNN(MA) & elsewhere

"Immigrant file: when the first Scots came from Lewis," by Bernard Epps, The Record (Sherbrooke, PQ), 21 Oct. 1988. 
Locations: ? 

"Lewis settlers in the Eastern Townships," by Margaret Ross, Canadian magazine 61 (June 1923), 171-76. (copied) 
Locations: ? 

"Popular voices in print : the local newspaper correspondents of an extended Scots-Canadian Community, 1894," by J. I. Little, Revue d'études canadiennes/Journal of Canadian studies ? (199x), 134-55 (copied) 
Locations: ? 

"Social History of the Quebec Hebridean settlements," by Sharon Bohn Gmelch, in Cultural retention and demographic change, ed. by Laurel Doucette (Ottawa : National Museums of Canada, 1980), pp. 5-44. [OCLC 6753434]
Locations: Harvard, Bishop's, & elsewhere

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"Studies in the Scottish Gaelic folk-song tradition in Canada," by Nancy Rose Dunkly, Ph.D. Thesis, Harvard University, 1984. [OCLC 11150061, microfilm: OCLC 18867531 & 12764154]
Subjects: ?
Locations: Harvard Loeb Mus: 181.325 Seager Room, NYP


"Memoirs of Dell," John Austin MacLeod (ms.) 
Locations: NLC=?; I have a copy

"Townships talk," by Ian Tait (1981), 209 p. ms.
Locations: National Museums of Canada, LC=?; NLC-?; OCLC=0; RLIN=?; Bishop's-?

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Le bien-aimé: roman, par André Mathieu (Saint-Eustache, Editions André Matthieu, 1983), ? p. [OCLC 15948611, 22654468] (RELEVANT?) 
Locations: NLC, LC, BPL & elsewhere

Donald et Marion: roman, par André Mathieu (Saint-Eustache, Editions de La Louve, 1990), ? p. (RELEVANT?) [OCLC 21905342]
Locations: NLC

Donald Morrison: from cowboy to outlaw, by Albert Gravel, trans. into English by (Mrs. Ross) Ida MacDonald (Scotstown, Que.: [I. MacDonald], 1973), 15 f.
Locations: Bishop's; OC=?

Donald Morrison : the Canadian outlaw, a tale of the Scottish pioneers, by Oscar Dhu, nomme de plume of Angus B. MacKay, Enhanced centennial ed., ed. by T.A. McKay, (Arlington, VA, The Author; Stanwood, Wash. : Caroline Hall, 1993), 135 p., OCLC 30455080
Locations: LC, WAU, & elsewhere; I have a copy; avail. from the author

Donald Morrison: The Canadian outlaw, a tale of the Scottish pioneers, Angus MacKay (Oscar Dhu) (s.l.: s.n., 1892), 118 p. (repr. Sherbrooke, Page-Sangster, 1965). 
Locations: Harvard, OC=?; RLIN=?; Bishop's=?

The Megantic outlaw, by Henry G. Kidd (Montreal, Price-Patterson, 1948), 139 p., ISBN 089688105X
Locations: Bishop's

The outlaw of Megantic, by Bernard Epps (Toronto: McClelland and Stuart, [1973]), 157 p. [OCLC 15770154, 788543]
Description: On Donald Morrison.
Subjects: Morrison, Donald, 1858-1894 -- Fiction
Locations: NLC, Harvard, Bishop's, & elsewhere

Wanted--Donald Morrison: the true story of the Megantic outlaw, by Clarke Wallace (Toronto.: Doubleday Canada; Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1977), 221 p., 0385126476 (well-written historical fiction of the affair). [OCLC 3001015]
Subjects: Morrison, Donald, 1858-1894
Criminals -- Québec (Province) -- Biography
Crime -- Québec (Province)
Locations: Harvard, Bishop's, & elsewhere

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"Megantic outlaw and his times: ethnic tensions in Quebec in the 1880's," by Ronald Rudin, Canadian ethnic studies 18:1(1986): 16-31. 
Locations: ? 

"Poor Donald," in The bad and the lonely: seven stories of the best - and worst - Canadian outlaws, by Martin Robin (Toronto, James Lorimer, 1976), 221 p., (pp. 37-64). ISBN 0888621213 cf. [OCLC 2817096]
Locations: Harvard, & elsewhere

"Popular resistance to legal authority in the Upper St. Francis district of Quebec: the Megantic outlaw affair of 1888-1889," by J.I. Little, Labour/Le Travail 33 (Spring 1994) 97?-124. 
Locations: ? 


"The Megantic Outlaw," ed. by Clarke Mackey and ? (1971) CBC drama, 90 min..
Awards: "Best Television Drama" Canadian Film Awards, 1971; "Best Actress-TV" Canadian Film Awards, 1971.

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