The Hebridean Scots of the Province of Quebec
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  New Book on the Scots of the Isle of Lewis
UIG 2000: Portrait of an island

by the Uig Community Council

Previews (pdf files): Cover of book | Sample page

In entering the new millennium, UCC and CEU [the Uig Community Council] marked the occasion by making a photographic record of all participating households and residents in the Uig district, on the West coast of Lewis. Photographs have also been taken of villages and various aspects of life in Uig. Uig 2000 (116 pages inc cover) contains all these photographs in colour and relevant householder information. The book also contains a short history of Uig over the last 200 years written by Joni Buchanan, and a section on present day life in Uig. We are confident that the book will provide an invaluable and fascinating record of the Uig community, at the turn of the millennium and will be greatly appreciated by present and future generations.

Uig 2000 will be available for sale at £12.00 per copy [they regret that they can only accept payment in UK currency -- see below for guidance with payment from the US] in early December [2001] plus £2.50 for shipping and handling to UK addresses and £4.00 to the rest of the world.

For mail orders please write to: Uig Community Council, 12 Valtos, Uig, Isle of Lewis, Scotland HS2 9HR or contact us by email to Cree Mackenzie at for an order form.

A way of obtaining a UK currency check in the USA is from Reusch International in Washington DC, 800-424-2923. Tell them how much in UK pounds you wish to pay and they will quote an amount in US dollars with $15 added as a conversion charge. When you send them a check for the US$ amount they will send you a check in UK£, which you can then send to the UIG Community Council.

The postal address is:
Reusch International Financial Services,
700 Eleventh Street NW, 4th Floor
DC 20001-4507

Get check for the equivalent of £16.00 (about $28) and expect to pay an addition $15 for handling.